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Jun 24, 2021

This week on the podcast, Matt & Meredith discuss:

• Britney Spears' conservatorship conundrum

• Film legend Roger Corman's amazing career

• Some behind-the-scenes goings-on at Boredwalk HQ

• Florida's 1st Amendment flub

• The coming onslaught of record-breaking heat that's going to roast the west coast


Jun 18, 2021

This week on the podcast we:

• Tease a new design
• Give shoutouts to various members of Matt's family
• Read all about weird Google searches and recent news headlines that made Boredwalk fans say "WTF?!"
• Wonder what exactly Batman brings to his relationship with Catwoman
• Discuss some of our personal &...

Jun 11, 2021

This week our co-hosts reduce people to their chosen body hair affectations, talk about a recently-unearthed gem of early 80s horror cinema, read some reviews (including one of this very podcast!) and Question of the Day comments, and learn all about Stoffel the honey badger, scourge of lions (and pantries) everywhere!

Jun 3, 2021

This week on the podcast we discuss our recent entertainment consumption, including a show about renovating murder houses, a Lifetime movie about a murderous 11 year old, and a film about a demonic sex worker with a lust for dear daddy Satan's approval!

We also discuss recent hardships at the office, Matt asks...