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Jul 30, 2021

This week our co-hosts air grievances about the following:

• The insanity of buying insurance for your insurance

• The absurdity of modern TV advertising

• The litany of rules we follow as part of our creative process

• The creepiest places we've ever been

• Clouds

• Oh, so much more!

Jul 22, 2021

This week, we discuss:

• The *sigh* return of the mask mandate.

• Meredith's upcoming gauntlet of mouth misery!

• Recent online run-ins with armchair psychologists and the tone police!

• Popular summertime activities that we and other Boredwalk fans can't stand!

• Things Boredwalk fans are proud of right now...

Jul 15, 2021

This week our intrepid co-hosts share a whole BUNCH of behind-the-scenes stuff happening at Boredwalk HQ — marketing woes, upcoming flash sales, bouncing haters from our social media accounts, releasing new designs, hiring, and more!

We also read a pleasant review of the Grievance Journal, and read fan answers to the...

Jul 8, 2021

This week we were treated to a TON of hilarious retellings of classic fairytales by commenters on our Question of the Day posts!

We also air some grievances about our trials & tribulations with selling our art on the internet. Turns out the online world can be a very mean and stupid place!

Matt also talks about the...

Jul 2, 2021

This week our intrepid co-hosts gab about trashy reality television, weird dating activities, and poorly titled films. 

Meredith also has some thoughts on how to improve the US justice system in the wake of infuriating news about Britney Spears and Bill Cosby. (Hint: it involves hatchets and male genitalia.)

We also...