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Sep 24, 2021

This week we're chatting with social media superstar Nathan the Cat Lady! In addition to being a world-famous cat dad, Nathan Kehn is also an accomplished actor. In fact, this episode is coming out one day before the premiere of a new Lifetime original movie starring him in the lead role! Keep an eye out for Dying to Marry Him this weekend — I know I will!

While you're waiting for your popcorn to pop, listen to Meredith and I chat with him about anti-cat dad bias on dating apps, his path to feline-focused internet stardom, and his journey as a working actor. 

We also ask him how he'd improve the internet, and he explains why cat dads make better human dads. Fun AND educational!

* A couple quick production notes:

• There was a brief issue where our connection was interrupted around the 13 minute mark. Apologies for the clunky editing!

• At the top of the episode I state that it is episode 146 of the podcast. This was incorrect — it is episode 145. What are numbers anyway, besides tools to help us measure how little time we have left on the earth?