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Aug 2, 2019

In honor of the anniversary of women's suffrage in the U.S. and our upcoming American Herstory giveaway, we're chatting with the founders of the other brands participating in the promotion throughout the month of August. And guess what? They're all women! First up is Dina Rodriguez, founder/owner of art & apparel brand Lettershoppe, where she showcases her very impressive hand-lettering and illustration skills on a variety of products! Dina also teaches hand-lettering, shares about her creative entrepreneurship, podcasts, and blogs through her Patreon page. We chat with Dina about trolls, her start as a freelancer, her journey to full-time self-employed artist/designer, and how being transparent and vulnerable can be a scary but powerful thing when trying to grow an online and IRL following & community. Plus she's super funny!